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3rd-Nov-2016 09:30 am - [sticky post] Commissions and other work
goggles, world crafting, experimentation!, steampunk, creating
- Cat-cave for Theresa (she's already paid the deposit)

- Toe-in-a-jar for my dad

- Some kind of needle felt something for Jess' mom

- Finger puppets etc. for sales this fall and winter

- Thrown pottery for sales this fall and winter
6th-Feb-2017 07:54 pm - Needle felt little buddies
goggles, world crafting, experimentation!, steampunk, creating
So, if you've looked at my FB recently you will see that I made two tiny, adorable, needle felt dolls. Simple little things - they look kinda folksy but still have a lot of character and oh boy do people love them!!

Showed them off at work today and everyone got really excited. Megan even commissioned me to make one for her kid right off the bat.

So... looks like I've found some good sellers. Even better, they're easy enough to make that I could probably offer a one-day workshop teaching people how to make them.

Next I'm gonna make an Easter bunny, and then a jackalope, and then I'll just post 'em online and see what kind of sales I can make.

I also need to make more pins, since Clash currently has all of the ones I had left from last year.

I gotta build up my stock again. It's a good feeling.
31st-Jan-2017 08:18 pm - Can't stop won't stop
goggles, world crafting, experimentation!, steampunk, creating
I finished that fox doll in basically two weeks. That's the fastest I've ever finished a doll. I promise she myself a one week break after finishing but I'm already getting restless.

Slight difference... I'm getting antsy to work on a marketing plan: picking color schemes, designing news letters, queueing up posts, stuff like that. Mostly I want to design a website.

Yeah, I wanna make and design dolls but I'm at the point where I want to be much better at marketing them.

So tonight I'm gonna clean my apartment (it's an absolute battle zone) and then do just that... boring marketing stuff that's incredibly crucial.
26th-Dec-2016 01:38 am - Christmas was awesome
goggles, world crafting, experimentation!, steampunk, creating
I keep starting entries and then can't finish them because Life Happens - so I'm going to attempt a sum-up for Christmas.

Worked Christmas Eve-Eve and it was uneventful. I have SO MANY assistants now and they're all go-getters so I had to send them all home early and got a chance to finish one sample and work on another.

Hen's party was awesome, as always. Eric, Nash, Chris, and I were all on Fire Duty and we managed to get one going despite the rain.

I socialized a ton and got to say hi to a bunch of people. Managed a fun conversation about religion and human sacrifice/cannibalism with Nash, Alia, and John despite the loud ambient noise. Goofed around with Nash a lot and we poked and bumped each other, nerded out, and were generally Shade and Nash.

She called me Shade in front of everyone and not a single eye bashed. That's something I love about Henrique and his group of friends: as long as it's in good fun, nothing is out of the norm.

Christmas Eve I had to work again. Henrique sent me texts telling me how awesome I am and how much he loves me and I was honestly tearing up.

Saw my family. Gave The Nibblings little "Art Day with Aunt Rachael" certificates and they all loved it. The siblings all got "Grown-Up Days Off", Jon and Karla got Puppy/House-Sitting Certificates.

Went to spend the night with Henrique and Alia. Hen has been so fucking careful with cheat-days on his diet because he keeps having very scary stomach-cramps. He played it so safe all weekend and still ended up having another one: cramps so bad he can't help but scream, being panicky, losing mental focus, etc. On a whim, just to try and distract him and get some sort of objective reading I took his temperature and it was 95.2.

He was hypothermic.

In his own fucking living room.

Watching Svengoolie.

Let me repeat that: my boyfriend was indoors, in a heated room, wearing clothes, watching TV, and he was fucking hypothermic.

This led to a bunch of research including his family genetics: realizing that his diet has probably messed with his thyroid - the same thyroid which he has been hacking to lose weight so quickly; the same thyroid that is responsible for his BMR and his thermoregulation.

So that was worrying.

The good news is that we have discovered that Alia is such a deep sleeper she can sleep through Henrique screaming in agony. Also, he finally got to see me Manage A Situation and stay incredibly calm without anyone else around so... That's also good, I guess?

The cramps went away and we all went to bed.

Christmas morning I kept hitting snooze on his alarm and woke up 30 minutes later than I was supposed to. No boyfriend in bed. No girlfriend in bed... Alia was with her family already but where was Henrique?

He was out on the couch. The cramps had come back. Despite the financial burden he's going to a doctor.

We prepared food: I made his meatballs a-fucking-mazing and his family were raving about them.

We all opened presents. They LOVED theirs - so much so that Henrique has declared that he won't wear his shirt for fear of messing it up, and Alia couldn't stop looking at her frame.

Went to visit my mom's side of the family. Had some amazing discussions.

You see, my grandma was adopted at 6 months old back in the day when adoption was mostly one family saying "we can't care for this kid" and another family saying "this kid is ours." So she's gone almost 80 years not knowing who her birth family was. This year she got curious and started digging, and found out that a lot of them originated in and still live in Springfield. So we all talked about how we feel about it, asked questions, and got answers. There is a whole new branch to my family and suddenly my self comes into focus more.

There were discussions of cool and eerie coincidences: such as the fact that my grandma and her adopted family would vacation at Indian Lake in the same time-period as her birth family. We all wondered if they all ever saw each other and didn't know it, or hid it.

After that I went and hung out with Henrique and Alia again, and we went to see a movie. Alia got a new tablet from Hen, and he also got her a stylus, and upon becoming frustrated at a drawing she handed it all to me and laid on my lap and watched me work with it.

Be still my beating heart.

Right before we left Nick sent me a text asking for my address and saying he would be visiting. So fuck yeah!!!!

I squealed a little.

And now I have to get my apartment ready because he'll be crashing with me and I at least need to have floor-space.
23rd-Nov-2016 08:38 am - Life stuff
goggles, world crafting, experimentation!, steampunk, creating
I haven't bought a pack of cigarettes in about a month. I haven't bought rolling tobacco in roughly a week. I haven't smoked tobacco since Sunday. I say it like that because I'm still smoking lavender cigarettes a few times a day, but I'm hoping eventually that will go away too.

Two more sales this year and then I can gear up for 2017. I have fliers ready and events on my Facebook and everything :p

Henrique offered to split a booth with me at OddMall if we "do our due diligence" to see if it would be worth it. That's exciting because it would be my first con as a vendor, and having him there to help would be nice.

Life is busy, life is good.
1st-Nov-2016 02:24 am - Halloweenies
goggles, world crafting, experimentation!, steampunk, creating
This has been, hands-down, the best October I can ever remember and most certainly the best Halloween.

I've consumed more candy and junk food, spent the most times with friends new and old, watched more horror flicks, dressed in more costumes, and even got to ride roller coasters in the dark and visit haunts. I've spent the most time getting into the Halloween spirit and I know what I'm going to spend next October doing.

I could have done without the past week of sleep-deprivation due to stress dreams but hey, sometimes real life creeps in on the fun spoopies. For the record: nightmares in which I am being chased, or there is a monster, or some other terrifying thing are a million times easier to deal with than stress-dreams in which the fear comes from stuff that verges on the too-real-to-be-comfortable.

I wish that Halloween was a two-day thing: I wish that I could have gotten a chance to spend even more time with The Group and even more time with Henrique, Alia, and that group of friends. I wish more people felt like Halloween was a month-long ordeal and not just a one-day fling. But hey, that just means I get to be the one spreading Halloween cheer.

I already have an idea for my "so obscure only a handful of people will get it" costume for next year - so just like this year I was Willard and I made everyone guess, next year y'all are gonna have to put your thinking caps on for one of my costumes.

Next year I'll ask for Halloween off work so I can pass out candy with Alia and Henrique. Next year I want to make some delicious baked treat to go with all of the fancy meats, cheeses, olives, and bread that we will consume. Next year I want to be able to spend more time with friends.

But for this year, it was perfect.

Now it's time to put my nose back to the grind-stone.
23rd-Oct-2016 05:02 pm - Getting a plan together
goggles, world crafting, experimentation!, steampunk, creating
I've been using the past couple weeks as a nice, clean reset. The apartment is totally clean, organized, and livable for the first time and I feel ready to start the next phase for Redolfi's Fiber Fantasies.

Sundays will be used to make videos, record live streams (when applicabl,) and catch up on loose-ends on projects after work. In the mornings I'll probably use time to clean the house and make my space livable for the next week. I can easily schedule private lessons for these days after work at Decoy.

Mondays are social-media days. I use the time before and after work at Decoy to manage my social media sites, queue posts, make new content, and get shit organized. I can plan a short private lesson for after Decoy on Mondays.

Tuesdays will be low-key work-days since I'll have an early day at Decoy but will have the next day off. I can plan private lessons for Tuesdays as well, and they can be longer since I won't have work the next morning.

Wednesdays and Thursdays will be about pumping out as much work as I can. I'll take time to record timelapse videos (which I'll edit on Sundays), and whenever possible I'll plan extra private lessons on these days.

Fridays I'll try to not schedule much in the way of private lessons since I'll be working pretty late and I'd like to pretend I have a social life.

Saturdays are short days at Decoy, and this is when I'd like to schedule the bulk of my private lessons. My plan would be to either lump them together or string them on until about 8pm so I can socialize at night.
24th-Sep-2016 09:28 am - Lucid dreaming protip
goggles, world crafting, experimentation!, steampunk, creating
I descovered a new technique to discern a dream last night.

So one of the easiest ways to figured out if you're dreaming is to open a book, read a passage, mark the page and close it, and then open it again to see if it's the same. This is all well and good when you've got a book around.

If you have a smartphone, though; it's much easier to pull out your phone, open Google, and see if your search-bar matches what you know you've been typing. It's especially effective if you're like me and can type reliably well without looking at the screen.
22nd-Sep-2016 07:29 pm - Art
goggles, world crafting, experimentation!, steampunk, creating
ArtFest went well. I only made two sales but at least I broke even on the booth. I got two commissions, and six people signed up for my newsletter. A bunch of people took my business cards and I got a lot of compliments. Also, nothing was damaged by the rain (not even my sign,) so it all turned out good.

That also means I have tons of overstock for the next three months. That's teally really good.

Next one is October 7th, and all I really need to do is get my display ready: permanently glue my wood together, do all that stuff, and ask Tab if I can borrow a table and chair.

I have one commission I'm in the middle of, the two commissions from ArtFest, and the property manager at my apartment commissioned me - so I'm set on commissions.

I found a shop in Dayton that's letting me consign some of my eye pendants, so here's to hoping they sell.

Now I'm working on updating my Etsy account with the eye pendants and stuff that I haven't consigned and don't think will sell at GemFest. I'll probably do that either until Henrique says if he wants to hang out tonight or not, or 8 when I'll start working on the commission again.
14th-Sep-2016 09:47 am - Prepping for ArtFest
goggles, world crafting, experimentation!, steampunk, creating
Did I mention that I'm almost done with everything I need to do to prep for ArtFest?

I still have to make a sign and figure out if I want to make a book. The sign is gonna be easy, I'll do that this morning.

I have a red sketchbook that I've been considering making a sort of guest-book/catalog thing out of. It would have a section where people could write their emails for updates, a section that would just be like a guest-book, a section where people could write in requests for customs and commissions, and the last section would just be blank pages in case I want to sketch something really quick.

Outside of that... I really can't think of anything else I need to do. That means I can work on extra projects to bring.
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